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the country began to resume production on Feb. 10. In response, local governments have arranged chartered flights and trains to take workers directly to the factories w

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hile issuing subsidies to tide companies over difficulties. By early March, the southern manufacturing heartland Guangdong Province had seen 91.2 percent of firms resume operation. Almost every sector of Chinese society has chipped in on the anti-virus fight, from barbers offering medics free haircuts to factories revamping their assembly lines to produce medical masks. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technol

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onomic and social development over the past decade has laid a sound founda

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ight against the epidemic and enabled the society to mobilize more quickly," said Tang Bei, an international public health researcher at Shanghai International Studies University. China's tech boom al

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butions -- tech companies rolled out disinfecting robots, thermal camera-equipped drones and AI-powered temperature measurement equipment, which have been rapidly deployed to reduce the risks of cross

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e outbreak has led to what is being called "the world's largest work-from-home experiment." The number of online meetings supported by Tencent Meeting on Feb. 10, when most enterprises started resumin

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